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Having the right amount of security to protect the things you love can be very important. Here at Baldwin Lock & Key we provide many of the lock and key products necessary to help make your vehicle, your home, or business and your valuables more secure. We are a full-service locksmith company offering installation, repair, and sales to get you exactly what you need to have the proper security. From key duplication, safes and deadbolts to high security card access systems, we have it all.

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Deadbolt Installation & Repair Page

Have you had a break-in or attempted break-in? Do you need deadbolts installed or repaired in your home or business? Contact Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise, Idaho. We have installed deadbolts for many satisfied customers in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Nampa, Caldwell and other areas in the Treasure Valley.

Our locksmiths are fully-trained and experienced. We can replace any deadbolt in your residential or commercial facility.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provides the highest standards for insuring that the deadbolt you purchase for your exterior doors is the strongest and most secure on the market. ANSI Grade 1 means that your deadbolt

Has been tested with 250,00 open and close cycles;
Can tolerate 10 hammer blows without breaking away;
Has a bolt that enters the door jamb by one inch;

Underwriters Lab (UL) also provides the highest standards for commercial products. UL437 is the highest standard for high security locks and deadbolts, which the U.S. security industry accepts. In order to be classified with the UL437 standard, deadbolts and locks must pass several tests for withstanding attacks, such as picking, prying, drilling and more. Obviously, Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise installs products approved by ANSI and UL.

If you need deadbolts installed or repaired, call Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise today at 208-343-5625 or come see our selection of deadbolts at 3155 Chinden Blvd in Boise, Idaho.

Decorative Locks

Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise, Idaho is your source for decorative locks. We have many decorative locks to choose from. Whether you are building new construction or remodeling an older facility, our technicians can install or repair all types of decorative locks and matching hardware.

Our high-security and quality locks are tamper proof, pick resistant, and have drill resistant lock cylinders. We understand that safety is a priority and locks are getting easier to disassemble; this is why our high security locks have restricted keyways and do not accept duplicate keys. This eliminates the possibility of a break-in.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We have many satisfied customers from Boise to Caldwell and throughout the Treasure Valley. Our best advertising is through our many contented customers, who tell their neighbors and family about us.

Come see our extensive selection of decorative locks at our store at 3155 Chinden Blvd in Boise, Idaho. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash. You can call us at 208-343-5625.

Door Knob Sets

Are your door knob sets dented, rusted or old? Do they need to be replaced? Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise has a large selection of the newest door knob sets. We also have skilled locksmiths available to go to your house and install them. Our mobile units are either new or well maintained and they are stocked with all necessary equipment and supplies to do the job to your satisfaction. Besides being licensed and bonded, our locksmiths are friendly, experienced, and reliable.

Since 1946, Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise, Idaho has installed many door knobs for people in Boise, Garden City, Eagle, Star, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, and other cities in the Treasure Valley. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and have served thousands of satisfied customers.

We accept cash, checks, debit cards and all major credit cards. If you want to see first-hand our extensive selection of door knob sets, visit Baldwin Lock & Key at 3155 Chinden Blvd in Boise, Idaho or call us at 208-343-5625.

Key Card Access Control Systems in Boise & Meridian, Idaho

Key entry cards are not just for hotel rooms any more. Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise, Idaho can install key entry cards in your business, school, church, college residence hall, and more. Replacement of a key card is much less expensive than the replacement of a metal key. When the person quits employment or permanently leaves the business or facility, the key entry cards can be reprogramed on a computer for another person or a new card can be created.

A key entry card is a flat, plastic card, like a credit card, that stores digital identification information. When the card is entered into the lock in a specific manner, the digital information causes the door mechanism to accept the card and release the lock.

There are various types of key entry cards--mechanical hole cards, barcode cards, magnetic strip cards, smart cards with a microchip, Wiegland wire cards, RIFD proximity cards and more.

Our skilled locksmiths are professionally trained and experienced to install and repair your key card entry system. We have had many years of experience working with them.

If you are interested in installing this system in your business, church or school, contact us at 208-343-5625.

Multipoint Door Locks

When deciding on security features for your home a great place to start is with your door locks. At Baldwin Lock and Key we are proud carriers of Multipoint Door Locks and accessories. Multipoint Door Locks are finding there way into more and more homes throughout the United States. Using leading mechanics and tamper resistant features these high security door locks make the perfect choice for grand entry doors, back yard doors, garages, or any door leading to the outside.

Each lock set is designed with a 3-point locking system. When the door is closed the latches extend out to automatically deadbolt, ensuring safety. Multi-point locking handles and tamper proof features are all part of what make Multipoint Door Locks the best choice for high security.

Security Features:
Each latch independently latches in a sequential and unique design.
Locks automatically deadbolt once door is closed, making forced entry virtually unattainable.
Made with Stainless Steel for increased corrosion resistance.

For more information about our Multipoint locking systems, call us today at 208-343-5625.

New Keys Made

Do you need a key made? Do you have a broken key? Baldwin Lock and Key in Boise can help you. We have on site key making machines and computers as well as in our mobile response vehicles. We can rekey your house, business or make duplicate keys.

We can make a variety of specialty keys, including:

Residential & Commercial

  • Master Keys
  • Hard to Find Keys
  • Specialty Keys
  • Code Keys
  • Card Access
  • Computerized Keys
  • Keyless Entries


  • Smart Keys
  • Remote Keys
  • Transponder Keys
  • High Security Auto Keys
  • Code Keys
  • Keyless Entries
  • Computerized Keys

If you need a key made, you can come to our showroom at 3155 Chinden Blvd in Boise, Idaho to have a key made or you can call us at 208-343-5625 for our mobile service.

Safes & Vaults

For the best in combination protected safes and high security vaults, call Baldwin Lock & Key. Our skilled and experienced locksmiths offer not only safe and vault installation, but also drill and repair safe services. Store your valuables, firearms, important documents, and more. Our safes and vaults have industry leading technology to help protect your possessions and keep them safe! For more information, call us today at 208-343-5625 and let us help you!

Transponder Key

If you are searching for auto transponder keys or keyless entries (keypad entries) Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise has them in stock. Our friendly, reliable and experienced locksmiths can install or repair any transponder key. They are also trained in installing or repairing keypads on any new construction, remodel or older residential or commercial properties.

Many automobiles have transponder keys in the top of the key or the key fob. When a key is put in the ignition lock cylinder and turned, the car's computer gives off a radio signal to the transponder. When the transponder replies with a specific code, the car's computer causes the engine to start. Transponder keys don't have a battery since they are energized by a radar signal.

Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise also installs and repairs keyless entries (keypad entries). These new keypads are usually located near the side of the door near the door handle. The person entering the building, enters a number code on the pad. The code can be changed periodically to maintain high-security.

For transponder keys or keypad entries, call us at 208-343-5625 or visit us at 3155 Chinden Blvd in Boise, Idaho.