Can you replace my lost transponder key?

Yes, if your vehicle came equipped with a transponder key we can make you a new transponder key from scratch, duplicate, or spare.

What do I do if I locked my keys in the car? Can you help?

Call Baldwin Lock and Key! Our trained locksmiths have industry leading equipment and years of experience to get you back into your vehicle without damage or destruction.

My key broke inside the ignition, what do I do?

Should your key ever break inside your ignition, do not try to retrieve it yourself. Often when picking at an ignition you can unknowingly be jamming the broken piece further into the ignition or risk ruining the inside of the ignition. Luckily, we offer broken key extraction services to not only retrieve the broken piece without harming your vehicle but also key duplication. If we are unable to duplicate your key with the remains, we can make you a spare from scratch and get you back on the road. For roadside assistance call us at 208-343-5625.

Why should I use a professional locksmith? Can't I just use a hanger?

If a lockout should ever occur, it is always best to use a professional locksmith. When allowing an inexperienced person to try to break in to your home or vehicle, you run the risk of damaging the inside of your door, chipping or scratching paint, or damaging the lock cylinder. Replacements or repairs for these damages can vastly outweigh what it would have cost to hire a professional locksmith and most insurance companies won't cover it. Should you find yourself locked out and in need of assistance, call the professionals at Baldwin Lock and Key to safely get you in and on your way.

My chip key or remote head key stopped working. What can I do?

Baldwin Lock and Key reprograms remote head keys and chip keys.

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